(In BETA January 2019)

Shopping on Instagram is the future of selling art, and we've automated it for you. 

8x10 offers a quick, step-by-step walkthrough, which sets up and connects all you need to tag artwork on Instagram for purchase.


• A Facebook Business Account
• A Facebook Page for the Business
• An Instagram Business Profile


8x10 provides a simple step-by-step walkthrough helping you set up this feature under the settings menu titled, "Shoppable Posts"
(estimated time to complete: 5 minutes)

– 8x10 Settings Menu
• Go to the settings menu in the 8x10 app
   • Tap the line titled, "Shoppable Posts"

STEP 2 – Facebook Login
• You will be asked to log in to Facebook
   • Facebook owns Instagram, and they use the same backend to sell products
   • Logging in will not post anything to your Facebook Feed/Account

STEP 3 – Facebook Business
   • You will see a list of Facebook Businesses that list you as an admin
   • Select the Facebook Business that is connected to this Instagram Account
If you do not see your business to select, read this.

– Instagram Business
• If your Instagram Account is already a Business Account, the 8x10 app will skip this step.
   • If you do not have an Instagram Business Account, please leave the 8x10 app, convert your account to Business and return to 8x10 to complete the Shoppable Posts set up.

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