Here's the reason we're restricted to US for now. However we do think there is a work around (see bottom)

We use a brand new platform within Stripe - called Express Connect. It allows us to connect to the bank accounts of 8x10 users so we can easily pay them as soon as their art sells. Right now, this platform is only available to users with US based bank accounts. I believe they're working on international availability. The following is on their website. Please feel free to let them know your interest, we definitely have.

While platforms located anywhere Stripe is available can use Express, the Express account itself can only be created for individuals, businesses, and non-profits based in the United States.

Support for more countries is coming soon. Contact us if you are interested in international availability.


The real issue is you need a US bank account AND a US phone number to sign up on 8x10. We haven't fully tested the following suggestions, but you can try if you'd like. We'd love your feedback.

  1. Ways to get a US Phone Number
    Hushed is a mobile app that lets you get alternate phone numbers
    Twilio can also be used to purchase virtual phone numbers
  2. Banking outside the US
    • No answers yet, looking into it. International based banks like HSBC, Citi, Barclay's might be good places to start.
    • Online trade accounts like e*trade might work. 

Anything you find out, please let us know....

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