Depending on the sale duration you've selected - this is what happens. 

  1. You post the artwork to Instagram via the 8x10 app, and the sale begins.
  2. At pre-designated intervals 8x10 will reach out to potential customers with bespoke invites to your art offering. 
  3. As the sale, or the availability of a piece winds down, we make an extra effort to let potential customers know time is running out. 
  4. When a purchaser is interested, the process is as simple as them visiting your personal 8x10 link: - (which they will get from your post or our notification) and tapping Purchase.
  5. Once an order is processed, we fulfill it (print/signature/print number) within 5-7 business days and it ships. The customer also has the option to request custom archival framing during checkout. 
  6. The customer receives notification of receipt/shipping and tracking via email. 

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