8x10 enables you to sell your original, limited edition, signed artwork by posting to Instagram via the 8x10 app. These are the steps to take:

  1. Select the artwork. In 8x10, select an image of the artwork you want to sell from your camera roll. This image is EXACTLY what will be printed and sold. Please do not upload a photograph of the artwork in a composed scene (i.e. framed, matted, hanging, in a setting with other objects) or this will be in the final print. 
  2. Set a Title. This is a way to keep track of your specific art sales. The title will NOT be printed on the final art, nor will it be passed along to the customers. You may leave this title blank.
  3. Select Offering Terms. As the artist, you can select the Number of Prints, the Price per Print, and the Number of Days the auction will run. In the near future, you also can elect to Donate the Proceeds from an sale to a specific charity.  
  4. Select Tags from the list of options. Using tags helps grow the potential audience of patrons and future customers. 8x10 will use these tags for your Instagram post thereby reaching out to 1,000s of other potential customers who are interested in art like yours. You can also add your own personal tags.
  5. Post to Instagram. Once you tap Post, the data for the Instagram post will be prepared and the process will start. The Instagram App will open on your phone. Be sure you complete the process of posting in Instagram by tapping PASTE into the 'Write a Caption...' area to include the 8x10 messaging.
  6. You're DONE! 8x10 will handle everything else —including producing the art (with optional framing), shipping to customers, and most importantly... paying you promptly. 
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